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Dedicated Hypnotherapy to Help you get the urgent Dentist treatment you need.

One of the most damaging and potentially harmful phobias and fears is of going to your dentist for that vital regular check up or urgent treatment.
Imagine being able to visit your dentist without fear or anguish, imagine being able to have yourself checked regularly without stress or anguish ensuring your teeth and gums are healthy and look fantastic.
Imagine being able to enjoy the smile you have always wanted and not the one you have to suffer because of your fear of the dentists chair.
Through Clinical Hypnotherapy and with the support of your dentist I can help you overcome your fears and worries. Your personalised hypnotherapy session will lay the foundation for an ongoing improved relationship with your dentist and hygienist that will last you a lifetime. 
Surgery visits are also available if you need it to support you all the way.

At the Dentist
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