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Lose Weight

You Have the Power

Your weight can be a massive issue in so many different ways. From a purely health perspective being overweight is damaging to your overall well being with obesity being a major factor in a number of life threatening situations from Covid related deaths to increased risk of diabetis, heart issues and even increased cancer risks.

You might also find your weight issues create mental health problems, your image of yourself might not be as positive as it should be, your self-esteem and confidence could be affected adversely and the way you think of yourself and look at yourself can be affected powerfully by your perceptions of your weight issues.

Hypnotherapy can be a powerful and effective tool in helping you towards a positive outcome in relation to your perceived weight issues. It is not just a battle with the scales, your view of your weight issue and your desire to lose weight is often tightly intertwined with your habits and your emotional state, through careful investigation we can find the route cause of the problem and through Hypnotic Support we can begin the long term lifetime pursuit of a healthier and happier you.

Benefit from a 1:1 treatment or join us on one of our Group therapy sessions for only £30.00

Why not join our FREE 'Health is Wealth' support group and start your journey towards improvement today?

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