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A meat free day alternative recipe..... Balls !

So as a vegetarian it’s easy to take for granted that people can easily do a day without meat, but what if that’s all you know? One of our members raised that exact point to me so I said I would post an option you might like.

The Quorn Swedish meatballs are a meat free option that even serious meat eaters would appreciate, honestly they are delicious and unless someone told you they were meat free you wouldnt know. It’s worth remembering however that meat free does not mean fat or calorie free so be aware that a lot of vegetarian and vegan options are very much processed so just be cautious with portion sizes etc if your trying to lose weight.

From the photos you will see a great cheat for a tasty tomatoe sauce, salsa dip is honestly a great way of creating a quick tomato sauce and its a lot healthier than shop bought bolognaise sauces, the only thing you have to be careful with is the salt content, I did some roasted cherry tomatoes and pepper added tomato purée a good splash of balsamic vinegar and a sprinkle of low fat cheese to finish with plain rice it was filling and delicious.

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