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Alcohol free wine .... my review of whites

If you are a regular wine drinker perhaps the thought of your favourite evening glass of wine being alcohol free fills you with dread, I was a very regular wine drinker, I used that common ‘I deserve it’ excuse at the end of the day to justify another delve into the Rioja bottle. One of the problems I found was that wines seem to get stronger and stronger with 14% not uncommon these days. If you dont fancy going completely alcohol free you can do what I did and start paying close attention to the alcohol contents of the wines you drink. I eventually started drinking a Temprenillo at 11% and very quickly found that my body adapted to this and that if i tried stronger wines it really affected me adversley.

Eventually I realised I was only drinking out of pure habit and t I was not enjoying what I was drinking and that’s when I started looking for Alchohol free alternatives. I started with Reds and that was really hard as everything tasted like sweet grape juice so I moved onto white wines and here I found some really nice options.

This one from Waitrose is good it definitely has that Muscat grape taste and is really nice as a summer daytime drink really cold with ice and it comes in at 3rd place, not cheap at £5 a bottle but very good. Next its the 2nd place silver medal ............

This was my favourite for a while, I like German white wines and this one was nice dry and definitely not like a sweet grape juice, difficult to tell from the alcoholic version at about £6.00 a bottle not cheap but really nice.

The clear winner !!!!

It’s not often that the best is the cheapest but at £3.99 a bottle this is the case here. It’s got a really clever trick up its sleeve as when you remove the screw top it gives a little ‘pop’ courtesy of a little disk that acts as a seal, this somehow gives this one a little fizz on the tongue and served cold its really nice. This is the one that I think you could offer people without telling them it was alchohol free and they would not notice !

So 3 wines too get you through a booze you lose alcohol free Mon-Fri and maybe the weekend and beyond x Give them a try and let us know what you think in the group chat x

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