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Free Hypnosis session No More JUNK Food x

I have recently uploaded a clinical hypnotherapy session to the hypnotic support website. It’s an actual live session done with a client and lasts about an hour, hopefully in the near future I will be doing live zoom sessions you can join but for now all the content is free and all I would like is your feedback.

If you decide to try a hypnosis session at home make sure you have prepared properly, you need an hour of peace where you won’t be disturbed, find a comfortable place to sit, if you lie down you might fall asleep! Now think about sound quality, unless you have really good speakers on your phone use headphones or a blue tooth speaker and before you press play just take 10 minutes to breathe (you could use the how to breathe video in one of our earlier blogs) and relax.

Give me some feedback on how you find the session and don’t forget to do some of our weekly challenges to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle. Just click on the link and register for free x

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