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Reasons to get a great nights sleep.

We are going to start looking at ways to get not just a longer nights sleep but a better quality of sleep. To begin with its important to know why its important to get the quality sleep you might be missing out on and that’s why this week we are going to start to look at a few links that highlight the benefits of a great nights sleep.

For sure if you are missing out on sleep its going to make you feel fairly miserable and if you are already taking up a few of our challenges then you are already helping to improve your sleep chances, for example not drinking alcohol and watching your diet - basically not over indulging particularly late at night helps a lot as well as exercise so the squat challenge last weekend would have helped.

If you are doing a water and walk day this week that includes no caffeine so no energy drinks or coke as well as caffeine free coffee (which tastes exactly the same) and guess what...... sleep improves. Over the next week a few more tips will be forthcoming but in the meantime click on the link and enjoy a 1 minute read.

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