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The Weekend Squat challenge

So I have been asked if I can set some physical challenges and here is your first one, its the squat challenge for the weekend and I am including a link to a site that has a short video on how to get your form and technique correct. Obviously if you have a sever knee or hip issue that precludes you from squats please don’t take this challenge up however the majority of us (even me with multiple knee surgeries) can benefit from squats. So how many should you do ? Well if you have never done or not done any squats at all before go for 20 over the weekend just 10 a day but do them properly and slowly. If you are a little bit fitter its 40 for you maybe in 4 sets/groups of 10 but for those who are feeling up fo it its the big 100! Break it up into 5 sets of 20 or 4 sets of 25.

Regular squats are going to strengthen the glutes the powerhouse of the body and tighten up the bottom which frankly no one is going to complain about! Let us all know how you progress and if you can share information on the group and help us grow please invite a few people over the weekend.

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