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I can absolutely recommend this. Having suffered from a very real fear of being a car passenger for a number of years I wanted to see if anything could be done to manage my anxiety which I would rate at the time as 10 out of 10. Having never had any sort of hypnotherapy before I did not know what to expect and I can honestly say that Gary was fantastic. He immediately put me at ease and clearly explained what would happen during the1 hour hypnotherapy session. I can honestly say it was the best decision of my life to have hypnotherapy, even my husband has commented on how I have completely changed now when a car passenger. My anxiety level is down to zero and knowing Gary has provided me with a coping strategy should I ever start to feel my anxiety creeping back in is fantastic. For anyone who is considering having hypnotherapy I would say "do it", it will be one of the best decisions you will ever make. - Janet Bell

Janet Bell

Calm Woman

Fabulous ambiance in the room, most welcoming peaceful and serene, Gary was most helpful to explain Hypnotherapy and what to expect during the session. His care and delivery were most professional, soothing, calming and reassuring a feeling I retained alongside the self help techniques given. Light and hope at the end of a long struggle! Thanks so much Gary x



Amazing, I have tried for so long to stop smoking, everything I tried didn't work I would always come back to the dreaded cigarettes and then Hypnotherapy .... I haven't smoked since, I didn't want one I feel great not having one, Its amazing I had read it was the best possible way to stop smoking but I didn't really believe it could work so well !



Monday 19th July 2021, the day of my last cigarette. I was a tad dubious and worried about the hypnotherapy. Gary made me feel totally at ease, discussed my issue around smoking and reasons for wanting to quit. The hypnotherapy itself was very calming, Gary’s words and also the music resonated really well with me. I can honestly say it’s worked for me, I don’t even think about having a cigarette or a replacement and I have saved money. I have and will continue to recommend hypnotherapy with Gary x I am also saving thousands which is also great ! Over a year later I am still smoke FREE and have saved nearly £5,000.00


Image by Philip Myrtorp

Hi Gary,

Thank you so much for giving me the freedom to fly anywhere in the world after my hypnotherapy session with you. As you know my fear of flying stopped me from oversees holidays and visiting family. I was sceptical that a hypnotherapy session would work but you made me feel really at ease, explained everything that was going to happen and it has completely worked.


With the coping mechanism and mantra you gave me, I flew for the first time earlier this month and I felt great. I no longer had the dread and anxiety and I actually enjoyed the flights. I have since booked another holiday next June 2022 and am looking forward to it. 


I would highly recommend anyone considering hypnotherapy to go ahead and book it with you because my life has changed for the better.

Jenny Coppin


Image by ZaiB Tse








"Somehow feels like a weight has been lifted and I feel really happy positive & energetic. Food wise its just kicked me back into touch, I have never craved as much fruit as I have the last couple of days! So thank you, your genuineness is one in a million"


Nina Pond

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